Ab rocket twister reviews: Does it really work?

You’ve probably seen the Ab Rocket Twister on some TV infomercial as a miracle machine designed to whip your waistline into shape, right? So, does it work?

The claims of the ab rocket are pretty lofty, despite questionable claims and less than convincing evidence. Like so many other ab machines on the market, the ab rocket twister has some major flaws, which I highlight and discuss below.

#1. It isn’t functional

Of all the contraptions on the market designed to ‘target’ your core, there are few as clunky, ill-fitting and just plain awkward as the Ab Rocket Twister. You essentially sit, grasp the handles either side and lean back against spring-loaded resistance rollers which run down the length of your spine. Not only is this movement not functional, it’s not natural either and doesn’t mimic any kind of everyday movement that you would otherwise perform. It’s ridiculous, unnecessary and potentially hazardous.

In reality, you’re far better off performing functional compound movements, like squats, chest presses and rows. You’ll burn belly fat, see your abs sooner and indirectly work and strengthen your abs with greater safety and efficiency.

#2. Spot reduction doesn’t work!

That’s the problem with all these devices which claim to effectively ‘target’ your abs, ab rollers, wheels, rockers – whatever. The issue isn’t that the Ab Rocket doesn’t ‘work’ your core. It does, albeit in an awkward and unconventional manner. It just doesn’t help you burn the fat covering your stomach or ‘tone’ your abs in the way the marketing team would have you believe. Companies constantly prey on prey on the false premise that by effectively isolating and targeting your abs you’d burn off the fat covering them, but it’s simply not the case.

There are two main reasons:

  • Basic Physiology: When we lose fat, we don’t do it from just one spot – least of all the area we are trying to target with futile exercises like the crunch. Fat loss occurs from all-over and is largely determined by calorie consumption vs calorie expenditure.
  • Muscle tissue: Muscle tissue is metabolically active, which means it’s a great natural fat-fighter. Not only do machines like the Ab Rocket negate this fact, they activate a small number of muscle groups which simply don’t stack up.

Final verdict

People are (always) looking for a quick-fix solution and this machine fits the bill. Unfortunately, it’s not a reality and the machines that most people buy are stored away in the garage or under the bed never to be seen again. It’s no surprise then that I do not recommend the Ab Rocket Twister as a worthwhile or necessary investment.

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